What does a medical student do when they have a renal question? Introducing #AskRenal

Yesterday’s post and interaction has been bouncing around my skull all day. First of all I was blown away by the discussion generated by the simple question of “What does aldosterone do?”

@niaree @kidney_boy Take a look at this summary, as well. Part of an epic review of the evolution of aldosterone. https://t.co/xILmMwHSeG pic.twitter.com/b4mdjIcOhn

— J. Brian Byrd, MD MS (@thebyrdlab) December 8, 2016

@niaree @kidney_boy Last paragraph of this review in Cell 1983 suggests that’s not a new problem. Can be bought cheaper, I think, tho pic.twitter.com/XlAMgn9CiC

— J. Brian Byrd, MD MS (@thebyrdlab) December 8, 2016

@niaree Yes! You can request ‘Hunger for Salt’ be delivered for pickup at EHSLhttps://t.co/ZIKBkWnfSu

— Eccles Library (@EHSLibrary) December 8, 2016

And then I started to think about the possibilities. I imagine that Niaree has a lot of friends with nephrology questions. And I have a lot of friends that are nephrology nerds just bubbling with answers.

I’m thinking if there was a hashtag that could be used by medical students struggling with renal phys and renal pathophys that resulted in an immediate answer from nephrologists all over the world we could leverage the always-on nature of Twitter to demystify the black box that is the kidney.

Plus getting the pulse on the questions that keep hanging medical students will make us all better teachers.

So why don’t we try this. 
Medical students brings us your confusion, your riddles, your frustrations with renal. Your mass of ambiguity yearning for clarity. Throw off your darkness for enlightenment. #AskRenal is here to clarify your journey.