#DreamRCT: The final push

The DreamRCT project launched just over a month ago on January 28th. It has exciting seeing people across the nephrology blogosphere participate in this project. But all good things need to wrap-up. NephMadness is approaching so it is time for everyone to rank their favorite post.

Go to UKidney to view and rank your favorite DreamRCTs

The voting is currently neck and neck, help push your favorite over the top! And if you have a great idea for a DreamRCT, get in quick, the doors are still open. Having trouble coming up with an idea, how about pone of these:

  • Systolic blood pressure targets in proteinuric disease less than 140 vs  less than 130. Fill in the hole left from ACCORD BP.
  • Fixed ESA dose vs pharmacodynamic dosing (current standard of care). This editorial gets at some of the issues I’d like to explore, but doesn’t fully flesh it out.
  • PTH liberal strategy vs conservative PTH strategy. Randomize patients to get PTH lowering therapy based on target PTHs, current standard of care versus only intervene for symptoms such as bone pain and itching. Answer once and for all, is PTH important?

I have one more idea for a totally crazy DreamRCT that I will try to submit in the next few days.