#DreamRCT Phase 2

For the past few weeks a few contributors have posted their personal ideas about the biggest

questions in nephrology. These ideas were presented in the form of proposed randomized controlled trials. Here is the cohort of #DreamRCTs so far:

I am grateful to each one of them that took up the call and contributed to this endeavor. For their time each one has received a DreamRCT mug or t-shirt.

I’m on the Dream Team #dreamRCT pic.twitter.com/Bh0wDI9KNP
— Pascale Lane (@PHLane) February 18, 2014

Dream it. Do it. My #DreamRCT in Nephrology, & hot tea from my new favorite mug! Thanks, Joel! @kidney_boy pic.twitter.com/c0n8VQp9LR
— ⓔⓓ ⓔⓛ ⓢⓐⓨⓔⓓ (@iApothecary) February 15, 2014

UKidney has collected all of the ideas and listed them together for the community to rank these ideas. But additionally, and importantly, they have provided a mechanism for everyone to contribute their own ideas for a DreamRCT. Go to the site, check it out and contribute. Nephrology is full of dark neglected corners that could use the bright light of a well conceived, randomized controlled trial.