The first nephrology blog

Precious Bodily Fluids is part of the old guard among nephrology blogs. My first post was May 30th, 2008. Nate Hellman, creator of the Renal Fellow Network was a month earlier on April 23rd, 2008. But we were by no means the first.

The first nephblogger was Joshua Schwimmer. March 7, 2005! I remember reading Josh intermittantly right from the beginning. I even met him for coffee during an ASH meeting in 2006 or so. He was a fan of the Fluids book and encouraged me to blog. When I finally got my ass in gear and started blogging it was his endorsement which turned the microphone on. When he announced PBFluids I had already been working on it for months and suddenly I went from no traffic to a little traffic.

But Joshua has moved on. His Kidney Notes Blog has been replaced by his Tumblr InfoSnacks. Infosnacks is less of a nephrology-themed blog and more of a Joshua-themed blog. He posts anything he is interested in, and some of it is nephrology. A favorite recent post was this picture:

With the caption, K=9. Josh has evloved into the professor emeritus who has establish his role in academics and is now free to investigate what ever touches his fancy.

The current cohort of talented neph bloggers all owe Joshua a debt of gratitude. Next time you see him, kiss the ring.