This is a very cool website

Endobible arranges a database of endocrine diseases in widely searchable manner. They lead physicians through the diagnosis, work-up and treatment of most endocrine diseases. They skip diabetes, but outside of that is looks awesome. Nice reminder that endocrine is more than diabetes.

I perused the Conn’s Syndrome section (primary hyperaldosteronism). The history and physical were great. The work-up was less impressive. They don’t advise saline loading and they still recommend stopping ACEi and beta-blockers before performing a Aldo Renin Ratio. Good luck keeping a resistant hypertension patient from stroking while you wash all those drugs out for 4 weeks.

Overall a clever design and great resource.

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  1. Glad you like Endobible! The author is my esteemed colleague Dr Francesca Swords, Consultant Endocrinologist, at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, UK.
    Its aim is to ensure residents assess patients thoroughly.
    Re: Conn's Syndrome. Generally we find people's salt intake is so high you rarely need to saline load – and a pizza will do if you're unsure.
    And like you, we do recommend the first bloods are taken on standard medication
    The reason it doesn't cover Diabetes is because following the success of Endobible, I have authored …. … a dedicated and free to access resource.
    Thanks for the feedback – great blog!

  2. How's the updated version of your booking coming along? The revolution in tubulopathies and endocrine regulation of salt, water and potassium could use your unique communication style.

    N.B. the major text books – Williams and Greenspan – and even agree with this website. Get 'em off the ACE-inhibitor lest someone try to talk them into a surgery before you have a real diagnosis. I routinely do salt tab loading. All of my colleagues will follow the screening PRA:SAC with this or with a 24 hour urine aldo.

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