New favorite author at Renal Fellow Network

I’m a big fan of the Renal Fellow Network but one of the consequences of the Post-Nate structure, with a large cohort of authors is variable quality. One of the new horses is a first year fellow at Stanford, Graham Abra. He is doing a great job. Take a look at the work he has done this year. Great stuff. His post on alimentary azotemia is about as good a post as I have ever read on RFN. I can’t wait for him to finish his work on Kt/V.

Keep on writing Graham, you’re hitting it hard.

2 Replies to “New favorite author at Renal Fellow Network”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Dr Topf. Not to turn this into too much of a mutual admiration society party but PBF has long been on my favorites bar. Your site and RFN are what got me blogging in the first place. Glad to be part of the community.

  2. I heard about your promotion to SSE (some sort o' editor). Congratulations. I have been one of your readers since you were blogging as a chief resident. Keep up the good work.

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