Nicest post about anything I’ve written on this blog

I got an e-mail from Lance Bukoff regarding the upcoming Boston Walk for PKD.

In my neighborhood the diseases that get the community involvement are breast cancer and special needs kids. Kidneys get almost no support though there is a great Zoo Kidney Walk by the NKF every Spring. Support the PKD walk.

Lance commented on my post about Sirolimus and ADPKD. I write this blog primarily for other medical professionals. I’m happy to have anyone read it, but the voice I use comes from my experience as a doctor and as a educator. Whenever a post gets picked up by patient groups I worry about how it will be perceived. I worry that I may have a glib when I mean to be funny or come across uncaring when I’m trying to be cooly scientific. I have had some close calls, but nothing has exploded, yet. This fear makes posts like Lance’s extra special.