Great resource on potassium

kind of an “everything you wanted to know about potassium but were afraid to ask.”

I especially love the two Nobel prizes in the top corner. Pauling is one of only four people to win two. In an alternate universe Linus got a couple of breaks to beat Watson and Crick to the structure of DNA. In that universe he has three Nobels and walks around like Michael Phelps.

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  2. Interestingly, Linus Pauling also had very severe nephrotic syndrome. He followed an intense low-protein diet and credited this with his eventual relapse. I don't think he ever had a biopsy so I'm not sure what the etiology was (maybe membranous nephropathy?) The story is well-delineated in the book "Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant" by nephrologist and medical historian Steven Peitzman.

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