Lecture to medical students July 17th

Lecture on IV Fluids and sodium

I had eight 3rd year medical students. I did a quick pole and 6 of the 8 had or were planning on getting an iPhone/iPod touch. One student had an Android G1. No Blackberries, no Windows Mobile.

Is it too early to declare a winner in the medical smart phone arena?

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  1. I have seen two Pres (spelling?) in the wild. One owned by a coffee swilling harley riding senior citizen at the Bean and Leaf in Royal Oak and the other by a lawyer/friend. I heard a rumor that one of the IM residents has one.

    We'll see.

  2. Dr. Topf, have you done an informal poll among your physician colleagues? From what I've seen in Austin, about 50% of the doctors have Blackberries and about 30% have iPhones.

  3. I'm a MS4, have an iPhone and love it. My friend told me at his hospital, instead of giving resident PDA, everyone got an iPod Touch.

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