Sodium and Potassium for ER residents

Yesterday I lectured the St John ER residency program. The ER residency has an impressive commitment to education. They set aside a half day every wednesday for their resident to get dedicated didactic time. They have great attendance with a good number of attendings showing up.

I have been asked to give three lectures and yesterday was the first. I gave a double lecture (running time about 90 minutes) on sodium and potassium. The fact that I could run over the standard 50 minute alotment normally given for medicial education is due to the fact that they have blocked an entire afternoon rather than try to shoehorn a lecture into lunch or before rounds.

The sodium lecture was the first time I used the Sodium handout I created for the St John IM residents. I gave the lectuer Seder-Style with the residents reading different sections, answering questions and me adding commentary. The ER residents are smart and empowered to ask questions. I felt that there was great two-way interactivity.

Dont Panic Sodium

Sodium iPhone format
Sodium booklet format

The potassium lectuer is an abrdged potassium lecture which is stripped to the bare bones of differential and treatment. It is a traditional powerpoint lecture. Immediately when I started this lectuer I saw about half a dozen exhausted interns fall asleep. My next project is to create a potassium haggadah.

Potassium powerpoint