NephSAP for Consult Service Education

One of my weaknesses as a faculty member has been teaching during the consult service. I do a lot of bedside teaching and have tried to do some Practice Based Learning by having the fellows pull articles and research specific questions.

What I haven’t been able to incorporate is formal teaching. Most of my repertoire of teaching materials, up to recently, have been power-point presentations. These are totally wrong for the collegial learning relationship I enjoyed and want to provide for my fellows. Powerpoint stifles two-way communication and reinforces the model of master to apprentice.

On the recommendation of one of our Staff, Dr. El-Ghoroury, I have started a daily reading session with the consult team. We are going through the 2007 Acute Renal Failure and Critical Care NephSAP. So far it is working great. We are spending 40-60 minutes before rounds reading and discussing the material. Then on rounds I see the fellows using the material in their presentations to me. They tell me they like it. I plan on having them pull interesting references to delve deeper into the text.