Fluid and Electrolyte lecture at Providence from Friday

Third in the series of interesting fluid and electrolyte cases.

I would add a slide on where I was going in potassium before the anorexia section.

SlideSpace botches the torn paper frames I used through out the lecture so if you have Keynote, download and look at the native file.

Here is a link to the Keynote file.

Student lecture on Acid-Base

I gave a lecture to the third-year medical students at Providence hospital on Friday. I thought the lecture went well but on saturday I was going over an admit note by one of the students in the class. The patient was admitted with DKA but had a combined metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis. This student didn’t do the Winter’s formula calculation and missed the respiratory disease. Of course so did everyone else on the admitting team.


Here is the handout. I added a couple of things since giving the lecture on Friday.

Update: I corrected a mistake in one of the delta bicarb questions. Sorry.

Acid Base Handout (Student)

Lecture at Providence Hospital on Electrolytes

I am trying to do a monthly lecture for the Providence internal medicine residents on electrolytes. I gave my second one last Friday. It was an interesting case we had of hypernatremia on the consult service last summer.

I did this lecture in Keynote and I am blown away by how good it presents through SlideShare. Really impressive.

Fluid and Electrolyte lecture at Providence from Tuesday Dec 16

I did a lecture at Providence last week.

I was scheduled to just give a electrolyte lecture without any further guidance. I pulled out two interesting cases I had seen in the last few weeks. Both patients have a non-anion gap metabolic acidosis, but one is hypokalemic and the other is hyperkalemic.

Here is the native Powerpoint files for you to use or edit.

Here is the SlideShare for online viewing

Acid-Base lecture for ER residents

Yesterday I gave a great lecture on interpreting ABG results. I added a problems set for gap-gap analysis and added a section on the osmolar gap. I also improved the anion gap section with my new favorite nemonic. Forget PLUMSEEDS, forget MUDSLEEPS, forget MUDPILES. The new hotness is GOLD MARK:

  • M Methanol
  • A Aspirin
  • R Renal failure
  • K Ketoacidosis
This new nemonic was published in a letter in the Lancet (thanks vincent bourquin). I love that it drops the silliness of paraldehyde that no one uses anymore and drops isoniazid and iron which hardly ever cause an anion gap.
I also stumbled across a cool article on the sensitivity of the anion gap for lactic acidosis. Surprisingly an anion gap is only found in 58% of patients with an anion gap.
Additionally I cleaned up a bunch of the lecture. I still have not reformatted it for the iPhone so the handout is traditional 8.5×11 without a booklet form.

Sodium and Potassium for ER residents

Yesterday I lectured the St John ER residency program. The ER residency has an impressive commitment to education. They set aside a half day every wednesday for their resident to get dedicated didactic time. They have great attendance with a good number of attendings showing up.

I have been asked to give three lectures and yesterday was the first. I gave a double lecture (running time about 90 minutes) on sodium and potassium. The fact that I could run over the standard 50 minute alotment normally given for medicial education is due to the fact that they have blocked an entire afternoon rather than try to shoehorn a lecture into lunch or before rounds.

The sodium lecture was the first time I used the Sodium handout I created for the St John IM residents. I gave the lectuer Seder-Style with the residents reading different sections, answering questions and me adding commentary. The ER residents are smart and empowered to ask questions. I felt that there was great two-way interactivity.

Dont Panic Sodium

Sodium iPhone format
Sodium booklet format

The potassium lectuer is an abrdged potassium lecture which is stripped to the bare bones of differential and treatment. It is a traditional powerpoint lecture. Immediately when I started this lectuer I saw about half a dozen exhausted interns fall asleep. My next project is to create a potassium haggadah.

Potassium powerpoint

The Acid-Base lecture for the residents of St John Hospital

Today I gave my second lecture of the year for the St John Residency.

I used my Acid-Base workshop handout and added a slide show to facilitate the large group.

I still called on individual residents to answer questions to keep them involved.

I started the lecture with some audience participation. My previous lecture on IV Fluids, diuretics and dysnatremias began with me stating how ubiquitous these subjects were.

I had everyone stand then I asked people to sit down if, in the last three weeks they had not:

  • Used any diuretics: no one sat down
  • Used any IV diuretics: about half a dozen people sat down
  • Used a thiazide diuretic to counter the effect of loop diuretic resistance: lost a lot of people there but still had about a dozen left
  • Used a lasix drip to counter loop diuretic resistance from heart failure: everybody sat down but about 3 residents and the amazing Dr. Dhungel, my first year fellow on the consult service.
  • Used torsemide instead of furosemide for better pharmacokinetics: only Dr Dhungel remained standing.

I then tried to repeat the excercise for IV fluids and dysnatremias but it didn’t work very well. Should have quit after the first one.

When I gave that IV Fluids, diuretics and dysnatremias lecture I didn’t have a hand out. In the last three weeks I have worked up a handout:

iPhone version
Booklet form

July first lecture on IVF, Diuretics and dysnatremia

Today I gave the first lecture of the ’08-’09 Academic Year. This was morning report for internal medicine. I did a lecture on IVF, diuretics, total body water and dysnatremia. It was a good lecture but Powerpoint only. I am about half-way done with the killer handout I am working on and am disapointed that I didn’t finish it. Hopefully will have it done for the next lecture in two weeks.

Fluids And Electrolytes July1

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