I will be doing Show and Tell on Social Media and Medicine Jan 31 at the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan invited me to speak on social media to the division of nephrology on January 31st. They asked me how I wanted to handle it and I told them that I would love to get an opportunity to show them rather than just tell them about  social media and they responded “How about both?”

Show: At 3pm I will guide the fellows and anyone else who shows up through the European NephJC Twitter journal club chat. We will be talking about metformin in advanced CKD.

Tell: Then after NephJC, I will roll into a traditional lecture on The History and Future of Medical Education.

Please join me in University Hospital 2nd floor, room 2C-224 UH at 3pm (for NephJC)or 4pm (for a lecture). I have been told the room can hold up to 80 people. It would be fun if we could fill it.