Medical student questions about nephrology

I have the honor of teaching at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. I teach sodium and water and acid-base to the second year medical students. After the lectures there is a steady stream of questions that start to fill my in-box. I answer the e-mail but I also post the questions and answers on PBFluids. Here is a directory to this year’s crop of Q&A.

Sodium concentration versus sodium content. With a second question on pseudohyponatremia vs false hyponatremia vs factitious hyponatremia

Macula densa and TG feedback. With a second question on whether SIADH is really euvolemic or just mostly euvolemic.

Breaking down an acid-base question.

More on euvolemic hyponatremia and how does this affect uric acid.

Urine chloride in non-anion gap metabolic acidosis, where does it come from?

Starling forces and GFR. With additional Q&A on edema, and metabolic acidosis and ammonia-genesis.