Dropbox problems

A while ago Dropbox changed how they handled public links. Then they announced that old links with the previous public folder system would be unsupported. I have no idea how many or where these links are littered through out PBFluids, but I suspect as of September 1, there will be a lot of them.

Today I received this tweet.

@kidney_boy Hi Dr Topf, I wanted to send med students your book, link says ‘File Not Found’; any advice? – https://t.co/hQ3nOGVRo6

— Paul Adams (@MSUPaul) September 7, 2017

So this bug struck the prized link on the whole damn blog. Annoying. Blogger is the only platform that doesn’t host files and forces you to store them elsewhere. This is the root cause of the problem. WordPress and SquareSpace allow you to host your files on their servers so you wouldn’t run into this problem reconnecting two services.

That’s like strike seven against Blogger. I’ve got to get out of this burning pile.