Nephrology Update 2017 for the Michigan State Medical Society

I had the honor of speaking at the Michigan State Medical Society last night. I gave an update on nephrology.

The talk covered 6 subjects:

  1. Contrast Nephropathy
  2. NSAIDs and CKD
  3. Timing of dialysis in AKI
  4. PPIs and CKD
  5. Empagliflozen
  6. Sodium intake and excretion
I am recording screen casts of each section and will post them here.
1. Contrast Nephropathy, Maybe not so Dangerous

2. NSAIDs, Maybe not so Dangerous
I got a lot of push-back from the audience on these first two sections. One participant was was very frustrated with the message and felt it was irresponsible to present the data showing the apparent lack of toxicity from contrast and NSAIDs.

I lived through the great anemia debacle and after that I swore that I would no longer trust the experts. I wouldn’t swallow the guidelines whole. If the data didn’t back it, neither would I.

3. Timing of Dialysis

This was probably too wonky for a general medicine audience. I would take this out if I was going to do the talk again.
4. PPIs and CKD
5. Epagliflozen

Update in Nephrology: Empagliflozen from joel topf on Vimeo.

6. I don’t have a video for the sodium story. It’s only a few slides, not worth recording a video.

The Keynote file is available here.

101 MB