Tricks of the trade: How to insert a tweetstream into a Keynote presentation

If you are doing a talk on social media there will be moment when you want to show a Twitter chat or Storify on a slide. This can be tricky to do quickly. Here is one technique that I use.

Inserting a Storify (or Tweet Stream) into a Keynote presentation from joel topf on Vimeo.

  1. Make sure Storify is using the Storify Template rather than the slideshow template.
  2. Enter the “Print” dialog box
  3. Set the magnification to 10%
  4. Save as a PDF 
  5. Insert the resulting PDF into Keynote
  6. Use Mask to remove the large whate space covering 90% of the page.
  7. Increase the width by ten-fold to bring the tweets back to actual size
  8. Drag the image so it is completely above the slide
  9. In animation set the picture to build in by “Move in”
  10. Edit the Build so it builds from bottom to top.
  11. Change the build in time to as long as you want 8-12 seconds depending on how much detail you want people to read.