No Salt Humans

Great Twitter moment tonight when a medical student confessed ignorance of aldosterone and an aldosterone basic scientist piped in with what he finds beautiful about aldosterone.

Renal Week 2: I’m still not sure what aldosterone does. Seems important, though! 🤔🤔

— Niaree Davis (@niaree) December 1, 2016

@niaree @kidney_boy Na is tiny&goes right thru glomerulus. Need means to effect controlled reabsorption or you’ll be sodium-free in 2 hours😱

— J. Brian Byrd, MD MS (@thebyrdlab) December 8, 2016

@kidney_boy @niaree Signific of aldosterone highly dependent on sodium intake? Not sure Yanomami man could survive 5 mg lisinopril, ca 1970?

— J. Brian Byrd, MD MS (@thebyrdlab) December 8, 2016

I had no idea what Yanomami man was but Brian was right there:

@kidney_boy @niaree Here’s an old paper describing the Yanomami population that is interesting

— J. Brian Byrd, MD MS (@thebyrdlab) December 8, 2016

So the paper is available for free here and it shows a kidney homeostatic system performing in ways that I would have guessed were impossible.

A 24-hour urine sodium of 1 mmol. No fricken way!

I give you table 4:

Anybody want to hazard a guess at what the giant unmeasured anion in the urine is?
Probably bicarb, especially when you take a gander at their aldo levels:

I wonder if these indians suffered from all of the ill effects of aldosterone thrown about?