Twitter Chat Tonight, Tuesday Feb 24 about World Kidney Day

I have been involved in Nephrology social media for years now, and it has been rewarding seeing the global community of nephrologists connect and develop a voice over that time.

While social media in general and Twitter in particular was once thought of as a time waster, it is now recognized as critical communication channel that allows back and forth communication as well as side to side communication.

First order communication: traditional top down

Second order communication: back and forth

Third order communication: back and forth and side to side

The side to side communication is what builds the community and is what twitter excels at. Imagine how boring the NephJC chats wold be if the only communication you saw was from the NephJC host? The whole point of the chat is to leverage the diversity of expertise in the crowd. 

Tonight will be a first in social media. Representatives from the International Society of Nephrology, The American Society of Nephrology and the National Kidney Foundation will be convening to discuss the upcoming World Kidney Day. It should be a great discussion. Please join us in (dare I say?) this historic moment. The discussion starts at 9PM EST and the hashtag is:

More information, including who the representatives are, is available on Medium.