Hemo the Magnificent. A classic

Check out the complete video:

and part 2:

Wikipedia entry. 

This was the movie I was thinking about when I tweeted:

Remember in 5th grade biology you were taught that the blood was like seawater? Total bullshit. Na in seawater is 469 mmol/L
— Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) July 21, 2014

Hat tip to Dr. McIinnis for uncovering the video!

@kidney_boy Are you telling me that Frank Capra and Ma Bell led us astray? http://t.co/uU5AXtgLzu @ 28:00 pic.twitter.com/QVA6ZCUGu4
— Mike McInnis MD (@DrMcInnisDIT) July 21, 2014

I had no idea this masterpiece was done by Frank Capra! Wow.