Bakris and Agarwal together? It is Nerdtastic

I have heard it argued that no one does more creative clinical hypertension research than Rajiv Agarwal at Indiana University. I am a believer. His latest work is demonstrating the effectiveness of chlorthalidone down into stage 4 CKD, an area previously deemed off limits to thiazide diuretics.

He did a video chat with George Bakris for Medscape discussing the work. Check it out.

I worked with Dr. Agarwal when I was a resident and he was one of those attendings that every resident held in highest regard. Super smart. I was honored when he agreed to write a letter of recommendation for my nephrology fellowship.

Agarwal R, Sinha AD, Pappas MK, Ammous F. Chlorthalidone for poorly controlled hypertension in chronic kidney disease: an interventional pilot study. Am J Nephrol. 2014;39(2):171-82.