NRMP Crack

I just heard about this yesterday and loved the irony. The NRMP which toys with the emotions of med students everywhere by holding back match results until that wonderfully cinematic moment on Match Day, accidently leaked the match results. Shoddy programming.

Here is the thread from redddit.

Here is a blog post about the slip up:

As you can imagine, this created QUITE a stir, as medical students around the country have been waiting, stressed out of their minds, about where they will be assigned to go to residency for the next 4-7 years. A flurry of online activity ensued, as medical students already pushed to the brink took to their browser’s source codes to figure out their futures. Apparently the programmers “preloaded” the match homepage source code with the information of where people match, so that once the magic time hits on Friday, they can easily change everyone’s NRMP homepages to reveal the new result. What they didn’t realize? That there are medical students out there who are combing every detail of the site to figure out anything they can ahead of time. Several took it upon themselves to poll all of their friends to assess the accuracy of this method.

So today’s match day will have a little less drama, for every fourth year who was not obsessing over the match results.

Happy Match Day. Good luck and “…may the odds be ever in your favor.”