#DreamRCT deadline approaches

We want to open the voting for the DreamRCT a week from tomorrow, but we are running into an obvious problem, we only have 4 entries which seems a little light:

  1. The Uric Acid causes CKD RCT that I did
  2. The Phosphate trial that Jordan did
  3. The IMAGINE trial by Paul Phelan at the Renal Fellow Network
  4. PHANTOM-1 trial of anticoagulation in ESRD by Ed El Sayed

Every nephrologist I know complains about the woeful state of evidence in nephrology, but in my mind if you can’t come up with a a DreamRCT, you have no legs to stand on.

Please write it up because if we don’t get it done Jordan has all kinds of Plan B’s that I don’t want to consider.

To sweeten the deal, we have DreamRCT t-shirts. The next six people to post their dream RCT will get a T-shirt complements of yours truly. Time to raid my wallet. Write your damn DreamRCT already.

What? You say you don’t have a blog to publish it? 
No problem, I’ll host it here at PBFluids. 

What? You say you would never post it to PBFluids, because Joel was once a dick on Twitter?
No problem, tweet at Jordan Weinstein (@UKidney) I’m sure you two can work something out, or go post it to Medium.

What? You say you have enough T-shirts?
No problem, I’ll send you a mug instead.