Area Codes, RTAs, and Amphetamine. This is what Twitter is like.

Dallas is Area Code 214. I wonder if they appreciate that 214 really represents the 3 types of RTA in anatomic order?
— Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) January 7, 2014

This morning I was trying to imagine the mad electrolyte gurus of UT Southwestern in Dallas influencing the naming of the RTAs to match their Area code. Well played Donald Seldin, well played.

Not to be outdone, Dalya Munves joined in the area code and medicine game.

@kidney_boy other Dallas area code is 972, which is imprinted on amphetamine/dextroamphetamine tabs! #ADHDpride
— The Health Scout (@HealthScoutBlog) January 7, 2014

@HealthScoutBlog that’s why on the street they are call Ewings #ImMakingThisUp
— Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) January 7, 2014

Any other area code-medicine mash-ups out there?

Note. The following 5 paragraphs from Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs that I read in 1995 has stayed with me since then. Love this minutia:

“Maybe. But let me digress a bit. Here’s something interesting . . . did you know you can figure out how important your state or province was circa 1961 by adding up the code’s three digits? Zero equals 10.” 


“It’s because zeros used to take forever to go around the little rotary dial-while ones zipped along quickest. The lowest possible code, 212, went to the busiest place, New York City. Los Angeles got 213. Alaska got 907. See my point?” 

Karla always comes up with the best digressions. “Yes.” 

“Imagine Angie Dickinson in Los Angeles (213) telephoning Suzanne Pleshette in Las Vegas (702) sometime before the Kennedy assassination. She dials the final ‘2,’ breaks a fingernail, and cusses a shit under her breath, irritated at Suzanne for being in a location with a loser area code.”