My Best Kidney Week

Every year that I go to Kidney Week it seems to get better. I had a wonderful time at this years Kidney Week in Atlanta primarily because it was full of new experiences and connections.

One of the highlights was getting the honor of introducing the KDIGO Mobile app. This iPad only app contains all of the KDIGO guidelines and support documents. The Chair of the implementation committee, Yusuke Tsukamoto, described me as KDIGO’s Steve Jobs. I can’t imagine a higher compliment.

Just got my hair cut. Asked for the full Steve Jobs. What do ya think?
— Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) September 16, 2011

The app is a great way to read the guidelines. We feel these are our first steps and we are excited to push the app forward. You can download it for free from the iPad App Store. Getting a chance to work with the KDIGO folks on this project has literally been one of the highlights of my career.

I aggressively live tweeted every session I attended. This is a huge 180° U-turn for me. See this post from last August where I blast the entire practice. Hobgoblin of little minds and all. Well all that tweeting resulted in me being the largest influencer of Kidney Week 2013.

That will be the only time I will ever be listed ahead of the New England Journal of Medicine.

The middle column is just the number of tweets by different individuals. I would like to call attention to three new tweeters. I maybe wrong, but I believe @rednephron, @ThePeanutKidney and @KatieKwonMD were all tweeting their first KidneyWeek. It is great to see new tweeters, especially ones who are so good at their craft. Welcome to the community.

Impressions is number of tweets times number of followers. Mentions is the number of tweets where an individual is mentioned along with the hashtag #KidneyWk13. To me this is the most important metric, since it indicates tweets that are generating interactions, through retweets and replies.

Pushing the twitter at #kidneywk13
— Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) November 6, 2013

The summary statistics show increasing twitter use at the meeting. Here are 2013’s numbers compared to 2011 and 2012:
Tweets and participants are rising.
I showed my poster on the nephrology blogosphere:

And I was invited to present my NephMadness abstract during an oral presentation. What an honor. I don’t have any photos but I did a screen cast of the presentation:

Nephmadness Unplugged is available here.

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  1. Congratulations on your success at Kidney Week 2013. Both impressions and mentions are misleading to the public, as we will soon show with a scientific study regarding both. Keep in mind that impressions "assume" that your follower read your message and that impressions can be inflated by simply tweeting more. So if the formula for impressions = number of tweets * number of followers, anyone with a follower count > 0 can inflate their impressions by authoring an ungodly number of tweets.

    Mentions are a more accurate measure of social media influence, but don't indicate if one's message has been amplified. You can mention someone on twitter, or retweet their message (which is both a mention and an amplification of their message) — the latter is more accurate a measure of influence.

    The best measure of influence is the RT, but not just how many RTs of your message has occurred. It also matters who the person is who has retweeted your tweet. The more influential the retweeter is, the more influential you are. A hundred retweets of your message by lowly-influential individuals may result in an influence score for you that is lower than if only 10 highly influential people retweeted your message.

    Stay tuned. All of this will be quantified by us soon.

  2. Joel, excellent account of Renal Week, birds eye view on Twitter. As well as points above on influence & reach there is another important aspect none of this touches; ,namely the reporting aspect especially of benefit for me this year as I didn't get to Atlanta. So planet saving too!

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