MedCalc update

Med calc received an incremental update this week to 2.7.1. The purported reason for the update was to fix a crash on start bug. An additional gift was to update the notes to detect UID and create links.

Here is what the notes looked like in my last review:

Here is what it looks like now:

Press that blue number and then you get a dialog box asking what program you want to visit the link in and then boom you’re at your reference.

Apparently I was the inspiration for the feature:

@kidney_boy Notice anything when looking at your transtub K gradient note in MedCalc 2.7.1? 😉
— Pascal Pfiffner (@phaseofmatter) May 14, 2013

@kidney_boy @phaseofmatter Yep. Thanks for the inspiration!
— MedCalc (@MedCalc) May 14, 2013

So there you go, PBFluids, making software better, one application at a time. 
Next up: Powerpoint.
Also, I still have a few MedCalc Codes (all out of MedCalc Pro) to give out, so go vote for your favorite post: