Healthcare and Social Media

I gave my healthcare and social media talk today at Grand Rounds at Providence Hospital. Great turnout. Good questions.

Some observations

  • People are concerned about the ubiquitous text messaging of clinical images. This is an opening for the forthcoming Figure 1.  
  • Doctors are nervous about patient portals. No new observations here but I received a number of questions about this after my talk. Maybe my next talk should be Ready of Not Here Comes Meaningful Use Phase 2.
  • People wanted to know the specific way to build a Facebook presence for their practice.

Maybe I should run a workshop for people to get started on Twitter, Facebook and Blogging. Thinking.

Here is the link to the Keynote file (608 mb, yup it’s that big)
Here is the link to the slides as a PDF deck (62 mb)
Here is the link to my original post on social media and healthcare. It has links to the the sources and additional metadata.
More of my content on social media and healthcare can be found at Fellowship of the Beans

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