Three times a charm.

I have been trying to use GoSoapBox to add some interactivity to my lectures. My first attempt did not work out at all like I wanted it. I used quizzes instead of polls. Then I added  GoSoapBox elements to my non-anion gap lecture and I tried to use it at McClaren Macomb a couple of weeks ago. McClaren built this beautiful auditorium under the hospital. It is state-of-the-art in every way except it has no way to plug in your laptop. My Kingdom for a free VGA cable. So I had to run the lecture off Dropbox on the Window’s machine they had available. Not surprisingly it looked like ass. Then, when I tried to use GoSoapBox, I found that the auditorium had no cell signal penetration (basement) and no wifi (whiskey-tango-foxtrot). Who builds a modern auditorium like that? Total Fail.

On Tuesday I gave the same lecture to the Internal Medicine Residents at Providence. This time the system worked great.

Non-anion gap metabolic acidosis (PowerpointPDF)

As the residents were getting food I was joking with a few them and we were stuck on what Batman’s father’s name was. The residents found the Social Q&A section and used it to provide the answer.

I started the lecture with a couple of slides walking them through logging in and getting familiar with the system.
Then I had them do a pre-test to assess what their baseline knowledge of the subject was
Then I posted an ABG and asked them to interpret it.

Use of Winter’s Formula

I had a series of questions on the proper use of the urinary anion gap.

And the lecture finished with a series of quick case vignettes designed to test knowledge of NAGMA.

The feedback on the system I received from the residents was excellent. They loved it. I made a mistake of using my laptop to both run the presentation and manage GoSoapBox. GoSoapBox requires the presenter to open the polls at the appropriate time so students can’t see the poll until the appropriate time. Powerpoint got cranky when I would bounce to my web bowser and then back. Next time I will manage GoSoapBox on my iPad.

Disclaimer: I was given a free 6 month trial of this product. I have received no additional payment or inducement for promotion. I was looking for a system like this and Gary Abud, a friend and Michigan Teacher of the Year, suggested I give this a try. He arranged the free trial.