Was #NephMadness the biggest MedEd Social Media campaign ever?

I am going to write a wrap-up of NephMadness for eAJKD. As I’m thinking about this the following sentence springs to mind:

NephMadness was the biggest medical education social media campaign, not tied to a conference, ever pulled off.

Am I being an ass or is that right?

Are there even any other MedEd social media campaigns not tied to a conference?

The only one I can think of is #overlyhonestmethods

What other events should it be compared to?

Keep in mind this was a coordinated campaign involving one central blog but generated posts on at least four other blogs, had a single Twitter account but ultimately had 75 people on Twitter using the hashtag.

I really would appreciate any thoughts about this. Please tweet @Kidney_boy or fill in the comments below.