Grand Rounds: Social and Health Care

On Tuesday December 4, I will be presenting grand rounds for St John Hospital and Medical Center. This page has the references, lecture notes and a copy of the slides.

PDF of the slide deck (17.3 MB)

One of the gimmicks of the talk was that a scheduled tweets to drop during the presentation. I also peppered my tweet stream with my talk’s hashtag in the 2 days leading up to the talk. This resulted in a nice little buzz of social activity. Looking over the hashtag (#SJHMCsmhc) a day later I found 20 retweets, 14 replies, 11 favorites. This was spread-out over 17 different tweets All way above normal activity for @kidney_boy.

This only captures activity with the hashtag #SJHMCsmhc

I used HootSuite to schedule the tweets.

Notes and References

Picture of Me and Bud
    1. Shame on You… Facebook page
    2. Preemie Primer post by Dr. Jen Gunter the queen of OB/GYN on Twitter
    3. Forbes blog post, Is KV Pharma Evil?
    4. Eli Reschef, OB/GYN leading charge agains Makena pricing
    5. Academic OB/GYN on the Makena Controversy