The death of MobileMe and a whole mess of broken links at PBFluids–Updated

One of the best stories about Steve Jobs was his tirade is response to the MobileMe disaster.

He gathered the MobileMe team together and asked,

“Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?”
Having received a satisfactory answer, he continues,
“So why the f*** doesn’t it do that?”

He then picked another executive to run the project on-the-spot. Ultimately, this resulted in the service being shuttered and replaced with iCloud.

I never had any problems with MobileMe; it always worked fine for me. However, I foolishly relied on it to host files for PBFluids. This includes all of the presentations and handouts that are the highest trafficked pages of the site. Well, MobileMe stopped accepting new subscriptions a year ago and as of June 30th the hosted files are no longer accessible. I have downloaded all of the material and will start re-uploading the files to DropBox.  The problem is rewiring all of the past links to the new file locations. This will take some time.

As I looked through the collection of files that used to be hosted at MobileMe I found a lot of journal articles and other copyrighted works. I have no idea how popular these links were but I remember when I uploaded them, PBFluids was a lonely backwater, where I was the sole source of traffic. I put the files the files online for my own use in teaching and on rounds. I don’t plan on replacing these files.

7/3/12 Lecture tab is ported to DropBox
7/3/12 Handout tab is ported to DropBox through Adventures in Renal Imaging
7/5/12 Handout and Book tabs ported to DropBox