Dogs, squirrels and evolution

This is my dog Bo.
Bo is a Woodle. I wanted to name him Chewbacca.

He loves to chase squirrels.
On google image search the top suggested related-search for squirrels is squirrels with guns

He was chasing squirrels all over my neighbor’s lawn, much to the delight of the 6-year old twins that live there. I proceeded to tell them the story of the only time Bo caught a squirrel.

I was jogging with Bo and he saw a squirrel. He chased the rodent for 10 feet until the squirrel climbed a tree. Bo looked up the tree and tried to jump a few times but the squirrel was too high. I told Bo that maybe he’d catch the next squirrel and we started to run down the block. Then the squirrel fell out of the tree and landed right in front of Bo. Well, Bo grabbed that Squirrel in his jaws and killed it faster than you could say “rabies shot.” It happened so fast all I could remember was the sound of his little lungs being punctured by Bo’s teeth. (Six year olds love the gory details. Bilateral pneumothorax, gotta be a quick way to die.)

Then I asked the twins, do you think that squirrel was a good climber?

They answered, “No.”

Do you think that squirrel’s babies would be good climbers?

They answered, “No.”

Do you think that squirrel is going to have any more babies?

They answered, “No.”

That’s why squirrels are so good at climbing trees. The ones that are bad at climbing, die and can’t have babies. We call that evolution.

And I call that a teachable moment.

Come on America, Its not that hard.

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