If you are giving a commencement speech be original, don’t steal

Arrogant? Stupid? Both?

Incredible story today comes from the University of Alberta Medical School where the dean, Phil Baker, plagiarized Atul Gawande’s Stanford commencement address from 2010 during U of A’s own graduation ceremony. My favorite part is the students using iPhones to discover the intellectual property theft during the speech:

“A couple of the students recognized the term ‘velluvial matrix,’ which is in Mr. Gawande’s speech,” said class president Brittany Barber. “They Googled it on their phones.

For anyone to think they could rip-off a high profile author in this day and age is the height of arrogance and or stupidity.


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  1. I agree with you. If you can't help to copy and say something that's from another person, then simple "quote" it. It's not illegal. You just need to acknowledge the source and all you have to do is to give your points of view. It is also a good strategy to use your own experiences when delivering a speech. It's natural and free flowing.

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