Found an old lecture

In 2006 I had to give the fellows a lecture on nocturnal dialysis. I remember being delighted with how it turned out. It was a fellow-level lecture that would have little appeal to non-nephrologists. The lecture goes into the different ways to measure dialysis dose and deep-dives into the National Cooperative Dialysis Study and the HEMO trial.

A month or so after giving the lecture I had a hard drive crash. After that, I couldn’t find the lecture.

Well, today I was mucking through an old external hard drive and found the lecture! Yay me! I backed it up!

If you are interested the lecture is now resting safely under the Lectures Tab.

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  1. These lectures are a HUGE resource. Thanks for putting them up. I think it would be great to start a podcast of these lectures. PBF RFN podcast. We NEED to do this. Monthly feature.

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