Most insulting/funny sentence ever from a consulting doc

I have a new patient that I inherited from a former colleague. She came to me with a letter from her ophthalmologist addressed to the patient that she was suppposed to give to her primary care doctor and nephrologist.

Here is the money quote:

I am going to give you a copy of Harrison’s textbook to look for secondary causes of hypertension.

When the patient came in she didn’t have the book so I have no idea how to re-run her work-up of secondary hypertension (which had been done multiple times in the past).

Hey asshole, next time you have a bad outcome on one of your patients I’ll make sure I send you a copy of Clinical Ophthalmology: A Systematic Approach. What a dick.

2 Replies to “Most insulting/funny sentence ever from a consulting doc”

  1. to Opthalmology- please do what you do best, dont try to tell other people what to do>> all right…
    they had spent 2 yr in nephrology and many years in practice,,,
    how many cases have you seen with high aldo…

    and again mind your business, if this is relation with nephrology, we will stop sending all DM patient to you,, than what will u do…

    you are best at only catarct surgery and putting drops in eye….let me guess what drops- artificial tears… right ???

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