Playing around with a proteinuria mind map for lecture


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  1. I am not familiar with Mind Map but it looks pretty cool. As for some feedback…

    starting left side.. if SSA + (shouldn’t it be ‘sulfosalcylic’ acid (SSA)?).. then under in pink, maybe add SPEP / IEP (?beta2 microglob), ?Heme eval (?Bone Marrow..) and Renal Biopsy considered as well.

    Maybe Dipstick + could be divided there between quantification of the proteinuria and the seroligic workup. Under the compliments, maybe put ANA there and SLE under if positive and if negative then MPGN, PSGN/PIGN, ?cryoglob. Can have c-ANCA and p-ANCA as well coming off the serologic square.. anti-GBM Ab (breaking into anti-GBM disease and Goodpasture’s). Although maybe an easy breaking point would be hypocomplementemia and normocomplementemia.

    When breaking the dipstick + proteinuria up under quantification how about just breaking it there to nephrotic and non-nephrotic. I think most everyone here will be candidates for a renal biopsy (even diabetics to rule out underlying MN or FSGS… (atleast for academic purposes)) .. maybe using a split of RBCs/ RBC casts present to breakup with purely nephrotics to the more nephritic pathologic entities.

    Just some initial thoughts…


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