Dialysis report card

One of my 81 year old patients just recently started on dialysis. I took care of her CKD for about 3 years before she needed to start dialysis. Today, we had a care meeting and she told me that she was doing great on dialysis and her labs verified this.

Her pastor reads all the good report cards that the kids in her church bring to him. So she brought in her dialysis report card and her pastor read it on Sunday.

2 Replies to “Dialysis report card”

  1. Very nice….
    This is a first for me but probably a good idea; you’re never too old to have a report card, particularly if it’s a good one!!!

  2. It was such a touching moment, reinforced by her pride. I’m not so happy by how this posting turned out and I’m going to try to rewrite this later this week-end.

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