2008 the year in Review

My list (with help from my partners and fellows) of the Top Nephrology Stories of 2008

  1. Melamine!
  2. Heparin!
  3. ATN trial shows no benefit to high dose dialysis in acute kidney injury
  4. FDA finally validates concerns of oral sodium phosphorous solutions for colonoscopy prep
  5. FGF-23
  6. Concerns with the COOPERATE trial
  8. Home blood pressure monitoring
  9. Reduction of proteinuria with aliskren
  10. No CERA for USA

Top unique keywords that lead people to this blog:

  1. PBFluids
  2. iPhone Medical Apps
  3. Lecture Seder Style
  4. Nephsap
  5. Melamine Milk Poisoning
  6. Dysnatremia
  7. Acid-Base Lecture
  8. IV Fluids Lecture
  9. KDIGO
  10. PICARD Study

Top blog entries by traffic

  1. iPhone medical applications
  2. Melamine milk poisoning and kidney stones
  3. Acid-base lecture for ER-residents
  4. Getting ready for fluids and electrolyte lecture
  5. Bumex same short pharmacokinetics of lasix with better bioavailability
  6. Bevacizumab and acute renal failure
  7. Melamine milk poisoning continues to make headlines
  8. Acid-base lecture for residents of St John
  9. Teaching on two-Ell: acute renal failure and GFR
  10. Teaching on two-Ell: anemia and ckd