Propofol induced lactic acidosis

I was consulted on a patient with acute renal failure and severe acidosis without an obvious source. The intensivist postulated this could be propofol induced B-type lactic acidosis. I had not previously encountered this entity.

Apparently propofol can block the electron transport train of the mitochondria causing lactic acidosis. Clinically the patients present with lactic acidosis, rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure.

Propofol Infusion Syndrome Associated with Short-Term Large-Dose Infusion During Surgical Anesthesia in an Adult

Interesting article showing propofol decreasing oxygen utilization in animal model

Pediatric case in which the doctors captured increased levels of various types of carnitine indicative of altered mitochondrial oxygen utilization.

Craven et al found 24% rate of unexplained metabolic acidosis with propofol use, suggesting a much more common mild form of the disease.

My patient was exposed to only a single dose of propofol so I am skeptical but the lack of an alternative compelling etiology is leaving me considering this disease.