Some details on one of the deaths from the melamine milk contamination

This article talks about the family of the first infant to die from melamine milk contamination. The child, Yi Kaixuan was only 6 months old. He died back in May, months before any information about the contamination came out.

But on April 20, the baby wouldn’t stop crying and had problems urinating. Jiao took him to the village clinic, but they couldn’t pinpoint a problem.

Alarmed, Yi left his construction job and returned home. The family headed for the Gansu provincial capital, Lanzhou. On April 30, they took the baby to two city hospitals. Doctors were stunned, Yi said. They said they’d never seen a child with so many kidney stones, and the situation was critical.

A frenzy of testing followed, and the bills piled up past $145. The parents didn’t sleep all night, waiting.

Around noon the next day, a doctor came to tell them their baby had died.