Two Ell

This month I’m attending on the renal ward at Saint John Hospital and Medical Center. I have a huge team: one fellow, one second year resident, three interns (2 categorical and one ER resident) and two medical students. I have been having a blast teaching them.

I am going to track all of the teaching I do this month here.

So far this is the formal (as opposed to bedside) teaching we have done:

Monday June 2: Introduction to Two-Ell
Tuesday June 3: Nephrotic Syndrome
Wednesday June 4: Dialysis basics and Anti-hypertensive agents saves lives
Thursday June 5: Renal Adventures in Imaging (the nephrologic implications of Gadolinium and NFD, phosphate nephropathy as a complication of colonoscopy prep, and contrast nephropathy)

Adventures in Renal Imaging

More to come.